Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi Wins Egypt’s Presidential Election

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi has won Egypt’s presidential election says the country’s electoral commission. Morsi won 13.2 million votes, nearly 52 percent of the total vote, in a runoff election. He succeeds Hosni Mubarak who was overthrown over a year ago in a popular uprising but Egypt’s military council, which has ruled the country since Mubarak’s ouster, sharply curbed the powers of the presidency earlier this month. Brotherhood supporters erupted in cheers, waved Egyptian flags and set off fireworks following the electoral commission’s announcement even as anger at the military’s expanding role in politics mixed with the celebratory atmosphere. “Say! Don’t fear! The military must go!” crowds chanted.

Screen shot of Al Jazeera broacasting live from Tahrir Square in the minutes following Mohammed Morsi's victory