National Security Brief: ‘The Revolution Goes On’

– Newly declared Egyptian presidential election winner Mohammed Morsi was congratulated Egypt’s transitional military rulers and declared victory in a speech last night to his countrymen. The American-educated Muslim Brotherhood candidate called for national unity and a continued revolution: “The revolution goes on, carries on until all the objectives of the revolution are achieved.”

– Fearing more than $50 billion in automatic defense budget cuts, the defense industry is blanketing Capitol Hill and congressional districts with a seven-figure campaign — including paying for studies on the economic impact of sequestration and pushing the issue through social media — to persuade the public that sequestration will damage the U.S. economy and national defense. Lockheed Martin’s CEO threatened that the automatic cuts could lead to widespread layoffs, most likely leading to pink slips being sent out before the November elections.

– Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned Syria on Sunday for “brazen and unacceptable” shooting down of a Turkish fighter jet. Turkey has requested an emergency NATO meeting to discuss the incident but Syria has denied knowing the fighter jet was Turkish.

– Visiting Israel, Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will push for Russia to take a tougher stand on Iran’s nuclear program.

– Amid reports that Saudi Arabia detained and deported him to India, Dehli police arrested Sayed Zabiuddin Ansari (aka Abu Jindal or Abu Hamza), a suspected participant in a coordinated terror assault in Mumbai in 2011.