VIDEO: Bahrain Rights Activist Imprisoned For Tweet

Bahraini authorities arrested human rights activist Nabeel Rajab today, imprisoning him for 3 months on charges of insulting the monarchy in a tweet. Amnesty International considers Rajab, among others, a “prisoner of conscience.” Rajab, who heads up the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights and leads pro-democracy demonstrations, has faced a bevy of legal troubles this year for a tweet calling for the Prime Minister — a member of the royal family — to step down. “Normally the charge of insult leads to just a fine. So for me [the prison sentence is] a surprise,” Rajab’s lawyer said. The U.S. government stood up for Rajab when he was beaten by Bahraini security forces in January. Here’s a cell phone video of Rajab being arrested by masked police today posted by EA WorldView: