Senate Republican Wants Romney To ‘Speak More About’ The Arab Spring

The Hill reported this afternoon that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wants to hear more from Mitt Romney on foreign policy, particularly the Arab Spring:

“It’s an economic-driven election; I can understand his policy team saying stay on the economy,” Graham told reporters.

I do wish Romney would speak more about how Syria and Iran, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, how all of this comes together to go one way or the other. There’s a lot going on in the Arab world right now, and I would like to hear Romney articulate his vision about how to handle the Arab Spring,” he said.

Romney toyed with talking about Syria but it seems that seeing his policy isn’t all that different from the Obama administration’s, he hasn’t been talking about it much lately.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee used to attack President Obama for “leading from behind” in Libya but Romney hasn’t touched that issue in a while either.

But Graham is right that Romney doesn’t seem to be all that interested in talking foreign policy, as one of his top advisers told the New York Times recently. So unless the trip aboard Romney is reportedly taking pans out, the South Carolina Republican might be disappointed.