National Security Brief: Syrian Rebels Keep Pressure On The Regime

— The Obama administration is working on contingency planning for the collapse of the Syrian regime, “focusing particularly on the chemical weapons that Syria is thought to possess and that President Bashar al-Assad could try to use on opposition forces and civilians.”

— Syrian rebels are keeping pressure on the government, attacking government loyalists near government buildings in Damascus.

— Yesterday’s killing of three top Syrian government officials and close Assad allies has shifted the mood in Damascus. “Really, up until this morning you could sense that the regime still had a firm grip over the country,” said one local resident.

— Politico reports: A former member of the Navy’s elite SEAL Team six is launching a political action committee aimed at helping to elect Mitt Romney president. The president, the PAC announcement said, “conveniently took credit for killing Osama Bin Laden for political gain.”

— The attack on a tour bus carrying Israeli vacationers outside an airport in Burgas, Bulgaria was carried out by a suicide bomber carrying fake American identification. While Israeli officials blamed Hezbollah, Bulgarian officials said it would not place blame until they concluded an investigation but they released a video showing a man they believe to have been the suicide bomber.