Dem Rep Wonders ‘How Many More Wars’ The U.S. Will Wage Under Romney

Yesterday on C-Span’s Newsmakers, House Armed Services Committee ranking member Adam Smith (D-WA) reiterated his concern that Mitt Romney will carry over the Bush administration’s foreign policy should he win the White House this November. Given the number of Bush-Cheney foreign policy alumni advising Romney’s campaign, Smith said it’s a “legitimate question” to wonder whether his foreign policy as president will model George W. Bush’s:

SMITH: I think it’s the overwillingness to use the military. The over-willingness to use military action in the sort of belligerent, go it alone, no allies, no negotiations approach that I think is not well suited to our current national security needs. […]

But what you get too much out of the Romney campaign — and certainly from Dick Cheney — is whenever there is a problem, we have to step in militarily. … Step after step after step, you have to wonder that if you have another Republican administration, how many more wars are we going to have to go through? And I think that’s a very legitimate question and I think they are too willing to use military action instead of looking at the other tools that are in our national security arsenal.

Q: So you think that Mitt Romney would be a carry over of George W. Bush when it comes to foreign policy?

SMITH: I think that’s a risk. Certainly. … He has relied a great deal on the Bush-Cheney administration national security leadership so I think it’s a worthy concern.

Watch the clip:

It’s not only concerning that many of Romney’s foreign policy advisers are holdovers from the Bush-Cheney-era but also, it appears that the so-called Cheney-ites on his team have the former Massachusetts governor’s ear. Moreover, Romney and Cheney actually share views on a number of foreign policy issues. And it appears that Romney is concerned about this perception as his campaign did not allow the media to photograph the two men together at a recent fundraiser.