GOP Governor: The ‘Gaze Of Intolerance’ Against Muslims ‘Is Disturbing To Me’

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) during an Iftar dinner two weeks ago called Islamophobic conservatives “bigots.” In the wake of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) anti-Muslim witch hunt, Christie said he is “disturbed” by the intolerance against Muslims:

I’ll tell you that there is a gaze of intolerance that is going around our country that is disturbing to me. This is something that as a political leader you can think you understand as an objective observer, but you don’t really understand until you become part of the story.

Right wingers attacked Christie last year for appointing a Muslim judge to the New Jersey Superior Court, claiming it shows that he is “in bed with the enemy” and helping bring about Sharia law. Christie said at the time that he was “disgusted” by the attacks and again defended the appointment at last month’s Iftar dinner. He even asked the predominantly Muslim audience for future tips. “Please continue to recommend highly qualified and interested folks for positions in our administration,” he said. Watch the clip:

The right-wing group Family Security Matters picked up on Christie’s comments, and doesn’t seem pleased. But as Matt Katz notes, “beware that the comments section contains offensive words against Christie and Muslims.”