New Polls Find Jump In Support For Obama Over Romney On Foreign Policy

Photo: Getty Images

New polls out today show President Obama comfortably leading Mitt Romney in the presidential race, but it looks like in the wake of Romney’s disastrous trip abroad last month (also known as “Romney Shambles“), Americans trust the president more on foreign policy and national security issues, particularly regarding Iran.

A Fox News poll released yesterday, which has Obama leading Romney 49 to 40 percent among registered voters, finds that more trust Obama over Romney to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Voters also prefer Obama over Romney on foreign policy 51 to 38 percent (an increase of two points for Obama since Fox’s last poll) and on national security 48 to 40 percent:

And a new Ipsos/Reuters poll similarly found a jump in support for Obama on foreign policy and handling terrorism. Fifty-one percent of those polled favor Obama to Romney’s 35 percent on foreign policy, a four point increase for Obama since Ipsos’s last poll. While Obama still leads Romney on national security 47 to 38 percent, that gap was closed slightly. However, on the so-called “war on terror,” Obama leads Romney 52 to 33 percent, a slight increase from the last poll:

Romney’s advisers dispute that his recent trip abroad has anything to do with his declining polling numbers. “The impact of the European trip is negligible,” an unnamed adviser said. “Mark my words, there will be another couple of polls next week that potentially say something different.”