National Security Brief: U.S. Deaths In Afghanistan Near 2,000

— The New York Times reports: “Nearly nine years passed before American forces reached their first 1,000 dead in the war. The second 1,000 came just 27 months later, a testament to the intensity of fighting prompted by President Obama’s decision to send 33,000 additional troops to Afghanistan in 2010, a policy known as the surge.”

— Yet the war in Afghanistan is getting scant attention in the U.S. media and election debates. “We all laugh about how no one really cares,” one U.S. Army soldier said. “All the ‘support the troops’ stuff is bumper sticker deep.”

— Syrian officials said Bashar al-Assad’s exit could be negotiated as part of a plan to end the 17-month long civil war there.

— The AP reports: “Iran is in the final stages of sanitizing a military site it is suspected of using for secret nuclear weapons-related experiments.”

— Israeli officials said they’re concerned that Egypt has moved tanks into the northern Sinai Peninsula without coordination with Israel, a violation of the terms of the 33-year-old peace treaty between the two countries, and has asked Egypt to withdraw them.

(Photo credit: John Moore/Getty)