National Security Brief: Syrian Government Targeting Civilians

— A United Nations report said that there had been a sharp escalation in indiscriminate attacks by government forces against civilians, and that the commission had collected “a formidable and extraordinary body of evidence” against those responsible, the New York Time reports.

— Rebel-controlled towns in Syria are beginning to experiment with self-government. Meanwhile, the Syrian army is reportedly testing firing systems for chemical weapons.

— Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates and the nation’s former top military officer Adm. Mike Mullen blasted lawmakers yesterday for failing to deal with the country’s debt problems. “My hope is following the presidential election, whatever adults remain in the two political parties will make the compromises necessary to put the country back in order,” Gates said.

— The Obama administration warned that a judge’s ruling “blocking a statute authorizing the indefinite detention of terrorism suspects has jeopardized its ability to continue detaining certain prisoners captured during the war in Afghanistan.”

— Fox News wants you to think there were no terror attacks around the world between 9/11 and last week’s attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Libya.

Photo credit: AFP