Mosque In Tennessee Holds Official Grand Opening

A Murfreesboro, Tennessee mosque, after fighting through two years of lawsuits, held a grand opening celebration on Sunday. The Murfreesboro, Tennessee Daily News Journal reported from the ceremony yesterday, where speakers included “Jerry Martin, U.S. attorney for Middle Tennessee, and Thomas Perez, U.S. assistant attorney general of the Department of Justice.” The Chairman of the Mosque said during the ceremony that, “today, Sunday, Nov. 18, marks the occasion of the opening of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. I don’t know if you can tell how truly proud I am to say that. It was a long and bumpy road, a journey like no other. It was rough.” The opening comes after the mosque received a permanent occupancy permit because “the U.S. attorney argued that federal law required the county issue the certificate.” Previously, in August, the mosque had a prayer service after it was granted a temporary occupancy permit.