U.N. Recognizes Palestine As Non-Member State

The United Nations General Assembly granted Palestine non-member observer state status this afternoon. As Haaretz notes, the new status will allow the Palestinians to “join the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague and will gain them membership into about 30 other UN agencies.” Both the U.S. and Israel opposed the vote with U.S. officials believing the move will “jeopardize” the peace process. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said before the vote, “our determination will not wane and we will continue to strive for a just peace,” adding that he did “not come to add further complications to the peace process.” Israel’s U.N. Ambassador, Ron Prosor, also spoke before the vote, saying the resolution “doesn’t advance peace, it pushes it backwards.” The final vote was 138 in favor and 9 against with 41 abstentions.