National Security Brief: Europeans Summon Israeli Ambassadors Over New Settlements

— Israel’s announcement of massive new growth in settlements in majority Palestinian areas has spurred Britain, France and Sweden to summon the Israeli ambassadors posted in their countries to explain themselves. 3,000 new units were approved by Israel to be built in the E1 section of the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, prompting calls for action to be taken in response.

— The flow of arms to Syria through Iraq continues apace, despite the best efforts of the United States. An Iraqi pledge to the U.S. has resulted in the inspection of only two Iranian planes bound for Syria, coupled with reports that Iranian officials have been tipped off to when those inspections would take place.

— Moving into the CIA’s traditional territory, the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency is sending an influx of spies overseas.

— The Wall Street Journal reports: The United States is upping its monitoring of Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor over concerns over the removal of several nuclear fuel rods from the facility. Administration officials and independent nuclear experts said they doubted Iran was attempting to extract the weapons-grade plutonium from the fuel rods.

— An airbase in Afghanistan was attacked by Taliban fighters “disguised in coalition military uniforms,” setting off three car bombs and setting off a firefight that killed nine insurgents, four Afghan guards and at least four civilians.