Fox News Reporter Says Network Covered Benghazi ‘More Than It Needed To Be Covered’

Ed Henry

Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry said his network went a little overboard covering the terror attacks on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya. In an interview with the Associated Press, Henry said that Fox gave the story “proper emphasis,” but added that some of the network’s programs and commentators went beyond what was necessary:

Henry rejects the notion that he works off Fox marching orders in discussing the issue, but said, “I wouldn’t lie to you. I see that we’re covering Benghazi a lot, and I think that should be something that we’re asking about.”

He said other news outlets have under-covered the story, since four Americans were killed and there’s still some mystery about what the administration knew and when they knew about the attack.

“We’ve had the proper emphasis,” he said. “But I would not be so deluded to say that some of our shows, some of our commentators, have covered it more than it needed to be covered.”

Of course Henry is being generous. After the Sept. 11 Benghazi attacks up until the last week or so (after facts have silenced the Obama administration’s critics on this issue), Fox News has led an all-out blitz attacking the White House over its response, pushing conspiracy theories and baseless accusations that some of its own hosts had trouble with. And Henry himself participated in Fox’s politicization of the issue.

Fox recently vilified defense journalist Tom Ricks for noting this obvious point, one wonders what the network will do to Henry. (HT: Politico)