Morning Joe Crew Calls Neocon Anti-Hagel Smear Campaign ‘Unbelievable,’ ‘Disgusting’ & ‘Disgraceful’

Former Republican congressman turned MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on Friday lambasted those attacking former GOP senator Chuck Hagel, who’s name has been floated as President Obama’s choice as the next Secretary of Defense.

Since word spread that Hagel may be the nominee, neocons led by the Weekly Standard and its editor Bill Kristol started a smear campaign against the Nebraska Republican, calling him an anti-Semite and anti-Israel and criticizing him for urging caution against attacking Iran over its nuclear program.

Scarborough and his fellow MSNBC colleagues Mika Brzezinski and Chuck Todd shot back today on “Morning Joe.” “It is a total witch hunt against a guy that gave his all in uniform for the United States of America,” Scarborough said, later calling the neocon smear campaign “disgusting.” “It’s disgraceful,” Brzezinski added. “It’s unbelievable,” Chuck Todd said, “I am stunned at this Hagel thing.”

“I agree with what you guys are saying about Hagel,” former top Obama adviser David Axelrod said during the segment. Watch the clip:

The push back against the “neocon smear machine” on Hagel as been vast, wide, high profile and bipartisan, including from prominent journalists, retired military brass, former national security advisers, former U.S. ambassadors and veterans and military families.