Senator On NSA: ‘Big Brother Is Truly Watching You’


While President Obama considers his task force’s recommendations for reforming the National Security Agency intelligence program, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) claimed that NSA surveillance has gone too far.

On CNN’s State of the Union, Manchin told CNN host Candy Crowley that Orwellian warnings have become a reality. “Now we found out it’s true, big brother is truly watching you,” he said on Sunday. Instead, Manchin said there is a “fine balance” of NSA reforms that protect privacy while protecting national security. “So I’m open to listen to all the recommendations that has come out to see if we can improve upon that,” he said.

Last week, a White House intelligence panel recommended a series of possible reforms for the NSA, which include shutting down its bulk phone records, creating a civil liberties board, limiting “back door” access to data, and a strengthened federal surveillance court.

“That is what we’ll do with that panel’s recommendations is be able to double down and see what it lacks and see what is the necessity? What is safety? What are we willing to give up?,” Manchin asked. “And what is unnecessary to give up for someone to have that information? I think we’re getting to that point. You’re going to find backing off some, make something changes that will keep us secure and safe and also not intruding what we have been.”