Kristol’s 2014 Prediction: Israel Will Take ‘Real Action’ And Attack Iran


Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol this week predicted that 2014 will be an exciting year for Iran and Israel watchers as the neocon leader says Israel is going to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Last November, the United States, its international partners — the P5+1 — and Iran reached an interim agreement over Tehran’s nuclear program with the aim of reaching a final deal within the next 6 to 12 months, leading many experts to conclude that an Israeli strike during this time is highly unlikely.

Yet Kristol — who has made a habit of calling for war with Iran — thinks otherwise. “I think we will see, because of the failure of Obama to do anything, Israel taking action to delay Iran’s nuclear program,” he said this week on the Weekly Standard’s podcast.

“I don’t mean sending John Kerry somewhere to have a discussion,” he added. “No, I mean real action, the kind that we should take as a great power.”

Analysts and pundits have been saying for years that Israel should or will take “real action,” as Kristol says, and attack Iran in 6 months or in one year; but of course those predictions never turned out.

And in this particular case, one might want to bet against Kristol as time and again, his predictions have come up short (in 2010 he said that by 2013, the health care reform law would be repealed).

But Kristol does have one thing right: attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities will only delay, not eliminate, Iran’s program and nuclear know-how. In fact, an attack will most likely convince Iran’s leaders that they should make the decision to build nuclear weapons, which is precisely the scenario that Kristol presumably is trying to prevent.