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Rep. Steve King Tells Protesters Wall Street Isn’t ‘The Scene Of The Crime’

A central irony of the Wall Street protests and subsequent arrests by police has been, in the words of one observer, “0 Bankers Were Arrested After Purposely Crashing Our Economy. Nearly 1,000 Have Been Arrested for Speaking Up About it.” But according to Rep. Steve King (R-IA), crime doesn’t really count if it’s done from a board room. The lawmaker revealed his willful ignorance of the systematic wrongdoing on Wall Street during an appearance on Fox last night when he said, “I wouldn’t say it’s the scene of the crime“:

King was responding to a clip of Van Jones describing Wall Street as “the scene of the crime against our future.” Republican lawmakers who disproportionately benefit from Wall Street’s generous contributions have conveniently forgotten the corporate malfeasance that inspired the protests in the first place, choosing instead to focus their contempt on protesters themselves.

(HT: Political Correction)