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VIDEO: Corporate Media Shows Its Disdain For The 99 Percent Movement

The 99 Percent Movement’s protests in Manhattan have entered their third week. As the movement continues to build momentum, sympathetic coverage has begun to come in from journalists, politicians, and even Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. It’s been a while in getting to this point, however. Initial coverage of the protests often featured good-natured disdain at best, and outright mockery and contempt at worst.

While the core of the problem has been, unsurprisingly, Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, other major outlets such as CNBC and CNN often took the same approach as well. Just this Monday, CNN anchor Erin Burnett presented a noticeably obtuse and disrespectful piece on the protesters. And the reliably colorful Rush Limbaugh called the movement “tools” of the establishment and a “parade of human debris.” This attitude has extended throughout the mainstream corporate media. ThinkProgress has produced the evidence. Watch it:

On a related note, a Rasmussen poll was just released taking stock of Americans’ general attitude towards the Occupy Wall Street protests: 33 percent have a favorable opinion, 27 percent hold an unfavorable opinion, and 40 percent have no opinion.