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EXCLUSIVE: The Notice Of Rules That May Be Used To Shut Down Occupy Wall Street

Will New York City allow free speech to be silenced?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently announced that he is going to be having a mandatory cleaning of Zuccotti Park in New York City tomorrow, where protesters have been camped out for nearly a month for their Occupy Wall Street (OWS) action.

Following his announcement, demonstrators at OWS responded that they would be aggressively cleaning the park themselves without the help of the city and began organizing to do so. Many of the demonstrators are worried that the park cleaning will be used to eventually eliminate the protest by establishing new rules that make it difficult to sleep their overnight.

Now, ThinkProgress has obtained a copy of the notice of rules being circulated from the the landlords of the park that is being passed out to demonstrators. The rules clearly prohibit camping equipment, sleeping bags, and other material that have so far been necessary to keep the occupation going:

Activists are currently petitioning Bloomberg to stop the new rules and to back off any plans to evict the Wall Street occupiers.


CREDO Action is also asking people to call New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Use their calling tool here.

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