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Rep. Nadler Concerned About Evictions, Citing NYC’s ‘Long Tradition Of Respecting Public Protest’

Earlier today, notices started to show up at the 99 Percent Movement protests in Zucotti Park, Lower Manhattan, following on a message from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg that the park would be cleared out for a cleaning. Protesters had already started cleaning the park themselves, but were alarmed at the notices’ bans on sleeping bags and other items necessary for the 24-hour occupation. Now, they’re getting support from Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who represents New York’s eight district where Zucotti Park is located. In a press release, Nadler, who cited protesters working together to clean, said:

The City has an obligation to maintain public order, but it also has an obligation to respect the right to speak, to protest, and to petition the government for redress of grievances. Apart from the requirements of the Constitution, New York City has long been home to political protests of all kinds. The City should respect that tradition, and our core constitutional values, by working with Occupy Wall Street to ensure that they may continue their important work.

(HT: Josh Nathan-Kazis)