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Occupy Boston: After Demonstrators’ Property Is Destroyed By Police, Commissioner Calls It ‘Trash’

Early Tuesday morning, Boston police arrested 141 members of Occupy Boston for their unauthorized peaceable assembly in the Rose Kennedy Greenway and then destroyed their tents, chairs, political signs, and medical supplies, disposing the personal property in waiting trucks from the Boston Department of Public Works. After the demolition of the encampment, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis told reporters afterward that the occupiers’ property was “trash,” adding insult to injury:

There’s trash all over the place. All the grass has been pounded down. This was from them sitting out there there all day today. It’s exactly what the people who run the Greenway were afraid of.

Watch it:

Davis made this false claim even though police were videotaped and photographed demolishing the tents, for DPW workers to put into garbage trucks. The police scanner tells the real story:

1:25 am: “We’ve confiscated quite a bit of signs and wood, we need to get rid of. If the truck comes the wrong way by the Intercontinental we can load it up.”

1:30 am: “We do have a garbage truck here trying to get the way down.”

1:33 am: “Get rid of some of this garbage.”

1:34 am: “Trash trucks are pulling up now.”

1:36 am: “The particular section of the Greenway that they wanted them cleared out has been cleared. DPW is removing tents. “

“Personally, I lost my tent, two sleeping bags, a large comforter and pillow, and a box of DVDs that were given to me for the purpose of creating an educational film series for Occupy Boston,” one arrested demonstrator wrote after being detained for 13 hours. “They took all the tents and belongings, destroyed them and put them in a trash truck and hauled them away.”

Some backpacks and other small items were sent to a Boston Police lost and seized items facility.

See below for photographs:

A Boston Police sergeant dismantles a tent before it is destroyed. Credit: Kristen Caffray.

Occupy Boston first aid supplies, before being destroyed by Boston Police. Credit: Kristen Caffray.

Boston police officers trample Greenway shrubbery. Credit: Kristen Caffray

Police destroy tents of arrested Occupy Boston demonstrators. Credit: Harvard Crimson

Boston police officers and DPW workers trash demonstrators' tents and signs. Credit: Harvard Crimson