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Google Search Traffic For Occupy Wall Street Is 66 Percent Higher Than Traffic For The Tea Party Ever Was

The Google Politics & Elections blog today takes a look at search traffic trends for both the tea party movement and Occupy Wall Street. While analyzing search traffic for both phrases, the blog charted out trends for both movement. The chart shows that search traffic related to Occupy Wall Street is now 66 percent higher than traffic for the tea party ever was, while current search traffic for Occupy Wall Street is nearly ten times higher than the tea party. The red line is tea party traffic and blue line is Occupy Wall Street traffic:

Another interesting result the Google blog found: media coverage of the two movements doesn’t seem to correlate very well to search traffic. Rather, media coverage of the tea party continues to almost match Occupy Wall Street despite the lack of online search interest:

But, what about media coverage? Despite big leads in polls and search traffic for Occupy Wall Street, it is almost in a dead heat with the Tea Party for the volume of news coverage. Using Advanced Search in Google News we found that between October 7 and last week, Occupy Wall Street only barely bests the Tea Party when we examine the number of news pieces covering each movement: 29,000 to 22,000.

As ThinkProgress noted earlier this month, the 99 Percent Movement and the protest and occupations it has spawned have successfully shifted the corporate media narrative away from deficit hysteria, refocusing the national discourse onto jobs and inequality.