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Richmond Police Use Bulldozers To ‘Erase’ Occupy Richmond

Mayor Dwight C. Jones addressing Occupy Richmond.

Late last night, the city of Richmond, Virginia decided to move and clear out a public park that demonstrators had been using to encamp Occupy Richmond. In doing so, the police decided to first come in with a large group of officers and bulldozers to essentially “erase” the tent camp, in the words of CBS News.

Police arrived both on foot and om horseback at first and warned that protesters who refused to move from Kanawha Plaza would be arrested. They then proceeded to arrest nine demonstrators. After that was done, police moved in with bulldozers to “coop up the assorted tents, signs, and debris left behind into dump trucks.The operation took more than four hours.”

As police helicopters hovered overhead and officers moved in for arrests, protesters broke out into song. They sang the old union song, “Solidarity Forever.” Someone captured the scene and uploaded it to YouTube. Watch it:

Occupy Richmond does not plan to give up. After the park was closed for cleaning by the city, the protesters took to the sidewalk instead.