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GOP Presidential Candidate Buddy Roemer: ‘Our Greatest Loss Of Freedom Has Been Loss Of Jobs’

While many in the Republican party have either scorned the 99 Percent Movement or offered tepid sympathies for their frustrations, former Louisiana Gov. and Rep. Buddy Roemer (R) has been a strong supporter, even visiting Occupy Wall Street and tweeting out their concerns.

On Sunday, Wikinews published an interview with Roemer where it asked him about his campaign and philosophy. At one point, Wikinews asked him about what “necessary freedoms” are lacking in American society. Rather than going on a diatribe about the supposed unconstitutionality of the Affordable Care Act or the merits of restricting the federal government’s regulations or some other boilerplate Republican response, Roemer struck a much more unique chord. The former governor said that “fair trade” should be one of our greatest freedoms, and that if a family doesn’t have work, it isn’t free. He concluded that our “greatest lost of freedom has been the loss of jobs“:

WIKINEWS: What necessary freedoms are currently lacking in American society?

ROEMER: Fair Trade ought to be a freedom that we can count on. The freedom to compete on a level playing field, but the big boys have bought those in control and have advertised the phrase Free Trade and all our best jobs get shipped overseas with Unfair Trade. A family without work is not happy, not healthy, not free. Our greatest loss of freedom has been loss of jobs. I’d get them back starting with Fair Trade and a level playing field with the biggest economic enemy of our great nation—-China.

Roemer is purposely restricting his campaign to $100 maximum donations per donor, in an attempt to battle the political corruption that has allowed the richest 1 percent of Americans to control our system.