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Report: White Oakland Driver Hits Two Black Protesters With Car; Police Allow Man To Drive Off

The man who hit two protesters with his car.

Last night, as thousands of Oakland residents were in the streets as a part of that city’s general strike and mass protests, there was a tragic incident where a white couple in a car hit two African American protesters who were in the road.

Local blog Pythagoreanism was the scene and reports that after hitting the protesters, the car tried to get away. Demonstrators surrounded it and refused to let the driver get away, and a police officer was called over. After briefly talking to the officer, the car was then allowed to leave, reports Pythatgoreanism:

Eyewitnesses say that after hitting the pedestrians, the car accelerated, but was unable to break through a wall of other #occupiers, who were at critical mass. The angry crowd slowed the car to a stop, encircled it, coffee was thrown on the roof, and the driver of the white Mercedes (a white male, 18-24) switched seats with the passenger (white female, 18-24) in an apparent effort to disguise who was driving.

Once the police arrived, the crowd told the police of the drivers’ deception, and the pair sheepishly switched back to their original seats. After a moment, the driver took off. The crowd was surprised and immediately livid, shouting at the police officer, who left without addressing the crowd. Every single person at the scene was stunned that the driver could get away without being arrested. Why wasn’t the driver arrested?

The blog uploaded a video on YouTube where the cameraman goes around asking protesters what happened right after the incident. “So, tell me what happened?” asked the cameraman. “He ran over two people, because they were protesting, and the police let them go,” replied the protester. Another man, an African American, screamed at police officers, “If that was me, I’d be arrested!” Watch it:

The two protesters hit reportedly have suffered leg and ankle injuries, but their injuries are not life-threatening.


Here’s some more video capturing the hit-and-run:

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A reader notes that one of the protesters was hit feet away from a stop sign.

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