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‘Union Busting Is Disgusting!’ Chicago Activists Ambush Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker At Event

This morning, Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) spoke at an event sponsored by the Union League Club of Chicago. He quickly found out that he was facing some dissenting audience members.

Activists from Stand Up! Chicago had snuck into the audience dressed in suits and other formal attire. Five minutes into his speech,, they all stood up and began using the people’s mic — a tactic pioneered by the occupations nationwide — to voice their complaints. They also chanted “We Are The 99 Percent!” and “Union Busting Is Disgusting!” After about 30 minutes of disruption, they were escorted out. Watch it:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker heckled at Chicago’s Union League Club from WBEZ on Vimeo.

“Chicago doesn’t need to take any advice from Gov. Walker. What Walker did was bust unions, he cut jobs, we don’t need either of them in the city right now,” protester Leiha Edmonds told ThinkProgress. “We need things that will work for working families. Walker was here to talk to the 1 percent.”


Here’s some more video:

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