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UConn Tries To Censor Hip-Hop Artist From Singing About 99 Percent At ‘Political Awareness Rally’

Last Friday, the University of Connecticut undergrad student government held a “Political Awareness Rally” to give students a space to express their political beliefs and to get young people involved in politics. Present at the event were groups as wide ranging as the right-wing Young Americans for Liberty and the left-wing Youth for Socialist Action.

Rapper Jasiri X was slated to appear, and was even going to be paid by the university for his appearance. Yet at the last minute, the rapper was told by the student government that he would only be able to attend if he didn’t perform songs like “Occupy — We Are The 99,” because these songs contain “obvious political statements.”

So the rapper at first agreed to not sing any political songs — at the political awareness rally. But when he arrived at the university, he changed his mind, and later wrote that he at that moment he decided he wanted to sing the 99 Percent-related song “even if it meant I would not get paid.” Here’s video of Jasiri X responding to the student government’s policy while appearing on campus: