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Occupy Wall Street Protesters Force Landlord To Restore Heat And Hot Water To Beleagured Tenants

Protesters layed down the law and forced the landlord to respond.

The Huffington Post’s Trymaine Lee reports on a victory Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York City scored late last week.

The eight tenants of a Harlem apartment building on West 142nd Street had been living with only intermittent heat and hot water for years. According “to the city’s housing and preservation agency, there are currently 293 open violations at the location, including violations for not providing heat, hot water and not providing ready access to the boiler room.”

So Occupy Wall Street protesters launched Operation Occupy 477 Sugarhill. Dozens of protesters encamped themselves at the building, with at least ten protesters staying around the clock. Following “an all-day occupation on Halloween and the arrest of one protester, the landlord relented, allowing access to the boiler room. By late Friday evening, workers were clanging and banging away in the basement, dismantling the old clunker and clearing space for a new boiler, provided in part by an emergency order by the city.”

The Harlem action is one of many 99 Percent actions that have successfully helped local residents improve their lives by using civil disobedience to fight for a fairer and more just society.