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Riot Police Beat Unarmed Berkeley Students Trying To Set Up Camp

Yesterday afternoon, 1,000 students from University of California, Berkeley rallied to show solidarity with the worldwide 99 Percent Movement, as well as protest local cuts to state education aid and tuition. The scene at Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza quickly deteriorated by midday, when police announced that the encampment was unlawful. In a move not altogether unfamiliar to the Occupy movement, police in riot gear resorted to force to break up the rally.

The raw footage shows the protesters with linked arms, beaten by police batons. The crowd began to chant “Don’t beat students!” as police moved in. Watch it:

The protest continued late into Wednesday night, with The Daily Californian reporting 39 arrests. By a vote of 569-31, “Occupy Cal” has called for a UC-wide student strike.

Rebecca Leber