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Democratic Party Of Georgia Treasurer Destroys Bank Of America Card At Occupy Athens

Georgia Democratic Party Treasurer Russell Edwards

Georgia Politico’s Dustin Baker writes of a high-ranking Georgia Democratic Party official lending his support to the 99 Percent Movement.

Yesterday, Russell Edwards, the Georgia Democratic Party’s Treasurer and co-host of True South Radio, attended a meeting of Occupy Athens in the town where the University of Georgia, the state’s largest university, is based. Edwards, an attorney, offered to defend anyone who was arrested pro bono and encouraged everyone there to move their money from big banks to local community banks or credit unions. He also destroyed his Bank of America card in front of the audience:

EDWARDS: My name is Russell Edwards. I am a practicing attorney. My office is right between Taco Stand and 5 Star Day. If anyone in Occupy Athens gets arrested, I will provide my services and glad and proudly represent them pro bono. This is the last thing I will say before I leave and the last act I have in my hand a [expletive] Bank of America card. And I will now destroy it. I am sorry of my obscene language. I apologize to the children present. My choice word reflects my severe frustration with the big banks in this country, with the serves they DO NOT provide the people and the utter greed that they have shown again and again. It is time for all of us to our money away form them. Take your money out of the big banks, give it to the small community banks – or better yet, the credit unions.

Watch Edward’s appearance in the following recording (it appears at the end):

Edwards is one of the highest-ranking Democratic Party officials to appear at one of the occupations and declare his support for the 99 Percent by disavowing a big bank.