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A Message From Scott Olsen, Iraq War Vet Wounded At Occupy Oakland

Last month, Iraq war veteran and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War Scott Olsen suffered a head injury resulting from being shot with a “non-lethal” weapon by Oakland police. A week later, Olsen gave a “thumbs up” when told about how there was an outpouring of support for him from across the world.

Yesterday, Olsen posted his first public communication online. In an entry on Google Plus, Olsen said he’s feeling “a lot better” and that he wants to see everyone continue to be in the streets:

I’m feeling a lot better, with a long road in front of me. After my freedom of speech was quite literally taken from me, my speech is coming back but I’ve got a lot of work to do with rehab. Thank you for all your support, it has meant the world to me. You’ll be hearing more from me in the near future and soon enough we’ll see you in our streets!

He included a picture of himself along with his Google Plus entry:

(HT: @ggreenwald)