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Occupy Cleveland Saves Woman’s Home From Imminent Foreclosure

Last week, Occupy Atlanta encamped at the Snellville, Georgia home of a Gwinnett County police officer in an attempt to save his family’s home from foreclosure. At the time, Occupy Atlanta organizer Tim Franzen said that he hopes this tactic spreads nationwide.

Now, one Cleveland mother can be glad that it has. After her husband left her and refused to provide any real support, Beth Sommerer was due to be evicted from her home today, along with her children. But at the last moment, she made a desperate plea to the protesters of Occupy Cleveland. Soon afterward, Occupy Cleveland pitched its tents in Sommerer’s yard, vowing not to move unless she was allowed to stay in her home. On Monday, a local court gave in and gave a 30-day stay on the eviction order. Watch local news station WKYC’s report about the incident:

“The Occupy movement is mostly about the little people. I live on Main Street and they helped me out,” said Sommerer after the news broke that her family could stay put for a little longer.