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Oakland’s Deputy Mayor Quits Following Legal Advisor’s Resignation In Support Of Occupy Oakland

The city of Oakland’s ongoing horrific treatment of the Occupy Oakland movement cost the city’s Mayor Jean Quan her legal adviser Dan Siegel, who resigned yesterday in protest of “the 1% and its government facilitators.” The Mercury News is now reporting that Quan’s Deputy Mayor Sharon Cornu quickly followed in his footsteps. After holding the post for little less than a year, Cornu resigned yesterday stating, “I felt I wasn’t being effective” and that her work “didn’t seem to be meshing well with the style of Quan’s existing team.” Cornu marks the fourth resignation from Quan’s administration in one month. The police chief and a communications adviser quit within the last four weeks. City hall sources told Mercury News that City Administrator Deanna Santana also wanted to resign “over how Quan handled the Oct. 25 police raid on the camp, but was talked out of it by another City Hall leader.”