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Boston Police Violate Restraining Order By Seizing Pallet From Occupy Boston

Why are Boston's police ignoring a court order protecting Occupy Boston from raids?

Earlier this month, a Boston judge granted a restraining order preventing Boston police from raiding the Occupy Boston encampment. Included among this restraining order was an order to “refrain from any police action which would remove the individuals, tents, and personal belonging of the Occupy Boston protesters from Dewey Square.”

Boston police appear to have violated this order during a raid last night. Police entered the Occupy boston encampment and seized a wooden pallet from the protesters and removed it. Watch a video of one protester explaining what happened and showing a picture of the seizure:

The stay on police actions was not supposed to end until Dec. 1, and it is unclear what the city of Boston will do now that the police appear to have violated a court order.


See the photograph of police taking away the pallet in clearer form here.

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