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Breaking: Judge Stays Occupy Boston Eviction Until December 15

Occupy Boston witness K. Eric Martin talks to reporters after hearing. Photo by Robin Jacks.

At a court-ordered hearing between the City of Boston and the members of Occupy Boston’s Dewey Square encampment, Suffolk Superior Court Judge Frances A. McIntyre decided to keep a restraining order in place until December 15 preventing an eviction of the nation’s longest-running occupation. The city attorney claimed the protesters were trying to “privatize” public property and should protest on “private property.” The attorney for the elite Greenway Conservancy, the private organization that helps manage the park, argued the First Amendment is not absolute. The Boston Fire Marshal painted a dire picture of fire hazards, but was not able to show good-faith efforts to work with the protesters to improve the safety of the encampment.

Occupy Boston’s witness, winterization working group leader K. Eric Martin, explained the public forum in the heart of the financial district is crucial to the movement, and described how Boston Police have prevented the occupiers from bringing in winterized tents and other materials to improve the occupiers’ well-being. (From John Atwater, J.M Lawrence, Carl Stevens, Robin Jacks reports.)


The judge declared that she will issue her decision on Occupy Boston by December 15; a decision revoking the restraining order could come before that date.

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