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Egyptians, Occupy Protesters Play Dead In Front Of U.S. Tear Gas Company

Last Friday, Occupy protesters joined Egyptians here in the U.S. in a protest outside Combined Systems Inc., in Jamestown, Pennsylvania, the company “believed to be the manufacturer of the tea gas used by Egyptian security forces in Tahrir Square.” Last month, the Egyptian military regime’s crackdown left 33 dead and thousands injured as soldiers and police burned tents and fired tear-gas and plastic bullets at demonstrators. Laying down on the ground in front of the Combined Systems, Inc. entrance, U.S. protesters “played dead,” many “wore eyepatches to show solidarity with protesters in Cairo who lost their eyes from rubber bullets.” Egyptian News site Al-Masry Al-Youm reported that the company employees tried to remove the protesters by force. Along with protesting outside the Egyptian consulates in New York and Canada, protesters have asked urged the White House to “stop the export of tear gas to Arab states.” A photo of the protesters via the Washington Post: