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OccupyEducated.org Takes Occupy Wall Street’s Library Online

When Zuccotti Park was raided last month, Occupy Wall Street’s library was effectively dismantled and destroyed. The public lost access to thousands of books and other informational materials.

In response to this destruction, a group of activists have decided to launch Occupyeducated.org, a new resource site for activists to learn about the struggles faced by the 99 Percent and to serve as a new online library that anyone can access. The site put together a video documenting the destruction of the library and the need for this new effort. The video features Jesse LeGreca, who famously sparred with a Fox News reporter who refused to air the interview, and Sgt. Shamar Thomas, an Iraq war veteran who confronted police brutality. Watch it:

The site is currently putting together a book list for 99 Percenters. Included among the list are Matt Taibbi’s Griftopia and Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine.