GOP Senator Endorses George Allen, Who Voted For Trillions In Debt, Claiming He Would Change ‘Debt Culture’

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) will endorse and campaign with former Sen. George Allen (R-VA) today, as Allen seeks to regain the Senate seat he lost in 2006 after his infamous bullying of an Indian-American campaign tracker whom he called “macaca.” In an email obtained by Roll Call, Johnson — who oversees Senate Republican message and agenda coordination — explains that he supports Allen because, “We must change the spending and debt culture in Washington.”

In his lone Senate term, Allen voted for about $4.4 trillion in discretionary spending appropriations, 52,000 earmarks, and four debt limit increases. He also backed George W. Bush’s massive tax cuts for the rich, which exploded the deficit.

In all, the public debt increased by about three trillion dollars — more than 51 percent — during Allen’s tenure, making him the last person Johnson should trust to change the spending and debt culture.