Chatting With The Slurve’s Michael Brendan Dougherty About Ryan Braun And Steroids In Baseball


(Credit: AP)

I’ve written a lot this week about steroids in Major League Baseball, from Ryan Braun’s suspension and whether fans really care about performance-enhancing drugs to the possibility that baseball could ban Alex Rodriguez from the game for the rest of his life. Wednesday, I sat down with Michael Brendan Dougherty, editor of daily baseball newsletter The Slurve and a contributing writer at The American Conservative, to talk about the most recent steroid scandal to envelop the game, and how baseball might fix it.

In this clip, Michael and I talked about liberalization of baseball’s drug policies, including a seemingly radical idea other writers have proposed: that the sports world should legalize and regulation performance-enhancing drugs as a way to reduce the public health risks around the drugs. Watch it here:

One idea Michael proposed in the idea was that baseball should liberalize its drug policies for injured players, allowing them to use steroids and performance-enhancing drugs under the auspices of MLB-sanctioned doctors to help them recover more quickly, more healthily, and without turning to crank doctors like Tony Bosch. That strikes me as a great idea that baseball should at least consider. Unfortunately, as I’ve argued before, I think baseball is more concerned about the perception that they want to rid the game of PEDs than they are about actually doing anything to address the prevalence of drugs in the game.

In the full video, Michael and I also discuss more issues around steroids in sports, as well as why sports matter as a progressive change agent in our broader society and why we’ve started covering sports here at ThinkProgress. You can, and should, follow Michael on Twitter here. And if you’re a baseball fan, make sure to subscribe to his daily morning newsletter, The Slurve.