University Of Georgia Basketball Player Tears ACL In Bomb Explosion While Serving In Military


georgiabasketballDusan Langura, a non-scholarship player who was supposed to join the University of Georgia’s basketball team this fall, will miss the season because of a torn ligament in his knee, Georgia coach Mark Fox announced Monday. Langura didn’t tear his ACL playing basketball, though. Instead, the injury happened as a result of a bomb explosion while Langura was serving in the military in his native Switzerland.

“It really is a unique story,” Fox told The (Macon) Telegraph. “He was injured in the explosion, and one of the injuries was a torn ACL. We had committed to have him come. He can really shoot the ball. He was gonna be on our team. He had to serve his military commitment, and this happened during it.”

The good news is that Georgia will still honor its commitment to Langura, who played two years of high school basketball in Georgia, by giving him a spot on the team next season when he is healthy. “We’re still gonna honor our commitment to him, and once he gets healthy he’ll be out there with us,” Fox said. “But he probably won’t be cleared to practice until January or February.”

That may not seem like much, especially since Langura is a walk-on and thus Georgia’s commitment to him is non-financial, and hopefully Georgia would have treated Langura similarly even if he were a scholarship athlete. Because with few exceptions, they don’t have to renew scholarships for athletes who are injured and can’t play, whether those injuries happen on the field or off.