Vacation Programming Note


I’ll be on vacation this week, taking a little road trip through Tennessee and Kentucky. While I’m out, two great writers will be guest blogging and keeping the blog updated with new content.

The first guest blogger is Jessica Luther, a writer and historian who runs Flyover Feminism and recently started a new sports blog, Power Forward. Jessica has written great pieces about feminism in sports and recently co-authored an excellent piece on Vince Young and Ricky Williams. You can and should follow her on Twitter here.

The second guest is Adam Hughes, who also has his own sports blog called Forward Passing. Adam has done great pieces on NCAA reform and hooliganism in European soccer, and he’ll bring great ideas to this space over the next four days. You can and should follow Adam on Twitter here.

I’ll also have a couple pieces coming out this week that I’ve been working on, but the majority of the content will come from Jessica and Adam. Enjoy, and I’ll be back next week.