Syracuse Sports Blog Raises Money To Send Underprivileged Kids To Bowl Game


Texas is a long way from Minnesota and New York, so perhaps it’s no surprise that hardly anyone is buying tickets to the Texas Bowl, where the University of Minnesota and Syracuse will face off on December 27. But one Syracuse blog is trying to help fill up the stands — with underprivileged children from the Houston area.

Monday, Sean Keeley from Troy Nunes Is An Abolsute Magician, an SB Nation blog, asked fans to help raise $12,000 to send 200 kids from the Houston area to the game. That money, Keeley said, would cover the cost of tickets, a voucher for a hot dog and a drink, and a Syracuse t-shirt. What happened next was amazing.

The NFL’s Houston Texans, who host the bowl, caught wind of the idea and lowered the prices in the appropriate sections from $50 to $20, meaning the blog could send 400 kids instead of 200. And then the donations started rolling in. Keeley’s goal was to raise $12,000 by Friday. He hit that mark by Monday night. By Tuesday morning, Keeley had raised more than $20,000. What had started as a project to send 200 kids could now fund tickets and vouchers for 650. Now they’re aiming for 1,000, and they’ve even gotten some interesting donations, as CBS’ Eye on College Football noticed:

If you’re a college football fan sad about your team missing a bowl game, a college fan who isn’t traveling to your team’s bowl game, or just someone who wants to help out, you can donate to Keeley’s project here. According to the blog, the kids will sit in sections 135 and 136 at Houston’s Reliant Stadium, so they’ll be right behind the end zone and right next to the Syracuse band. Because they’ve bought so many tickets, the Texas Bowl is now opening up even more sections to them. Sounds like a great atmosphere — and a great experience — for a group of kids who don’t get to attend many football games, if any at all.