American Olympic Uniforms Made In America, Are Still Terribly Ugly

CREDIT: Ralph Lauren

Two years after catching all sorts of hell for making the U.S. Olympic team’s uniforms in China, Ralph Lauren designers say they have “learned a lot.” The uniforms for the opening ceremonies at the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics, which open February 6, are made entirely in the United States, and with products from across the country thanks to partnerships with 40 other American companies. According to USA Today, the uniforms are made with “wool carted from Oregon, spun in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, and knit in California.”

So that’s good. But apparently Ralph Lauren put so much effort into ensuring that the uniforms were made in America the company didn’t have much time to actually design a uniform. Because what in the world is this?


CREDIT: Ralph Lauren

Olympic uniforms are never that great — just look at what the Germans are wearing — and it’s hard to design nice-looking uniforms for the Winter Olympics, because apparently this is what people wear when they’re around winter sports. But even by that standard, these are terrible (are those sweatpants? Are we going to wear sweatpants in front of the entire world?).

However ugly the uniforms are, there will be no doubt about where the athletes come from. These are outspokenly patriotic, so at the very least, they should keep Fox News happy.