Three University Of Oregon Basketball Players Suspended After Rape Investigation


Dominic Artis is one of three University of Oregon basketball players suspended.

University of Oregon basketball players Brandon Austin, Damyean Dotson, and Domonic Artis have been suspended indefinitely after they were accused of raping a female student at an off-campus apartment. The university announced Monday morning that the three athletes are “not currently participating in any team activities” — then The Oregonian obtained a police report showing that all three were involved in a rape investigation stemming from an incident that occurred in March.

There will be no criminal charges against any of the players as a result of the investigation because there is not enough evidence, the district attorney announced in April, when only Dotson was named as a suspect in the case.

The details of the alleged incident are disturbing.

The victim, an Oregon student, told Eugene Police investigators that she met the three men at a party. According to the police report, two of them took her into a bathroom, where Dotson forced her to perform oral sex on him and Austin penetrated her against her will.

“I remember saying no the entire time,” she told police. The alleged assault ended after a few minutes because someone walked into the bathroom, but it continued later, when the players refused to let her leave the party with a friend.

Instead, the players took her back into the bathroom, where they forced her to perform oral sex again. Then, as she attempted to leave, they took her in a taxi to an apartment leased to two of the players. Once inside, they took her into a bedroom, where all three had sex with her, she told police. At that point, the victim told police, “I think I just gave up. I let them do whatever they wanted. I just wanted it to be over and go to sleep.” A fourth man was present in the room too, according to the report, but “he just stood there. I think he watched,” the victim said.

The three men had sex with her until she began crying, at which point they stopped, the report states. She fell asleep and remained at the apartment until the next morning, according to the report.

Artis and Dotson both told police that “all the sexual activity was consensual,” according to the police report.

The victim did not originally respond to calls from investigators because she was angry at her father for reporting the rape before she could go to police “on my own time,” she told police. She also told police that she had told one member of the athletic department staff about the assault, but police could not identify that person when they attempted to contact her. The district attorney did not pursue charges because of insufficient evidence and because there were inconsistencies in the victim’s initial reports — the information she gave to investigators differed slightly from an accounting of the incident she typed on her computer the morning after the alleged assault.

University of Oregon president Michael Gottfredson said that “the university takes allegations of misconduct very seriously” and that it is currently following “established internal conduct processes for handling misconduct allegations.”

Austin, who the victim described as the “most forceful” during the incident, transferred to Oregon from Providence College in the fall. The Wall Street Journal reported in November that at the time he left Providence, Austin and another man were the subjects of a sexual assault investigation. That case earned Austin a suspension from the Providence basketball team but has not led to criminal charges.