How Ray Rice Is Being Systematically Scrubbed From Football’s Memory


It may have taken the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens, and other football institutions a long time to wake up the horror of running back Ray Rice’s brutal beating of his wife, but now that they have, they’re going all in. Rice, now suspended indefinitely from the league after video of the February attack leaked online, is being systematically removed from many major football-related institutions. Here’s a look at the places where Ray Rice is no longer welcome:

1. Ravens Jerseys

Following Rice’s suspension, the Ravens announced on Monday that they would allow fans to trade in Rice jerseys for those of other, less controversial players:

Stores also pulled Rice jerseys from their shelves, and some neighborhood bars in Baltimore even offered a $10 bar tab or a free pizza for customers who surrendered their jerseys.

2. Madden 15

EA Sports, makers of the hugely popular football video game Madden, will remove Ray Rice from the 2014-15 Ravens roster in the game. The change will take place on Friday, the company announced on Twitter. EA similarly removed tight end Aaron Hernandez last year after he was charged with murder.

Ray Rice Madden 2


3. Rutgers Alumni Videos

Rice’s alma mater, Rutgers University in New Jersey, used to play a promotional video called “Knights in the NFL” that featured clips of Rice. No more. Rice has been scrubbed from the highlight reel, a spokesperson told NBC Sports, per the usual instruction that “inactive players are removed weekly because they’re no longer in the NFL.”

4. Nike Contract

Nike, official provider of uniforms for the NFL, cut Rice from their endorsement contract on Tuesday. It also removed the Rice jersey from its website and replaced all pages selling his jerseys with a message saying the product is no longer available:

Ray Rice NIke