St. Louis Cardinals Fans Chant ‘Let’s Go Darren’ At Ferguson Protesters Outside Playoff Game

CREDIT: AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Protesters marching in August after the death of Michael Brown.

As protesters gathered to call for justice for Michael Brown outside a Major League Baseball playoff game in St. Louis on Monday night, a group of St. Louis Cardinals fans responded by chanting, “Let’s Go Darren,” a reference to the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who shot and killed Brown in August.

Video from Argus Streaming News (via Deadspin) shows the confrontation, which took place outside Busch Stadium in St. Louis before the Cardinals played the Dodgers. One fan can be heard telling the protesters to get jobs before the crowd started to chant “Let’s Go Cardinals.” After several minutes, they chanted “Let’s Go Darren!” instead. Later, as Deadspin notes, a fan can be heard telling the protesters — who appear to be mostly young African-Americans — that the mostly white group of fans are “the ones who gave all y’all the freedoms that you have.” At another point, fans chant “U-S-A!” and a few chant “Africa!” at the protesters.

Here’s the full Argus Streaming News video:

Others in the crowd could be heard telling the protesters that “cops should never kill kids, but what you’re doing isn’t helping,” before saying they should quit tearing up this neighborhood.

As protests continued after Brown’s killing, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny called it a “sad situation” and the Cardinals organization issued a statement over the Busch Stadium public address system at an August 18 game that said, in part, “In recent days we have all been heartbroken by a series of violent events that do not reflect who we are as a people. We ask that you join us tonight in taking a stand against violence as we unite as one community.”