Doctors Told Patriots That Wide Receiver Should Be Checked For A Concussion, But He Stayed In Game


Julian Edelman

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman absorbed a massive hit in the second half of the Super Bowl and appeared to show signs of a possible concussion.

But according to Detroit Free Press reporter Dave Birkett, medical personnel said that Edelman should be checked. But he was not:

Another observer at the game claimed he saw Edelman checked quickly on the sidelines. But if Edelman was checked, it likely did not conform to the establish protocol. Shortly after the hit, Edelman was still in the game and scored the go-ahead touchdown. According to the NFL, a full test should take 8 to 12 minutes.

Edelman missed the final two games prior to the playoffs due to a concussion.


Asked by an ESPN reporter if he was evaluated for a concussion, Edelman said he was “not allowed to discuss injuries.”

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