NFL Star Visits Gym He Wants To Buy, Employees Call The Cops On Him

CREDIT: Elaine Thompson, AP

Seattle Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor walks off the field after the Seahawks beat the Detroit Lions 13-10 in an NFL football game, Monday, Oct. 5, 2015, in Seattle.

On Wednesday, Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor visited the Redmond Athletics Club, hoping to find out more about the recently-closed gym and potentially purchase it.

Instead, he received a rude awakening as he was peering through the glass, trying to get the attention of two employees inside. Those employees thought Chancellor was trying to rob the facility, and called the police on him. He recounted the incident on twitter:

Becky Range with the Redmond Police Department told that two female employees got nervous when Chancellor knocked on the door, and called the police. The officers recognized Chancellor when they arrived, and the whole situation was defused quickly. According to Range, Chancellor was very friendly.

He didn’t use the phrase, but Chancellor clearly believed this was a case of racial profiling. The four-time Pro Bowler did not post the pictures of the employees, but he did tweet that he was mad about the situation — “all I wanted was a number to call and they waved me off like a fly without answering me.”

In other tweets, he acknowledged that this incident was a reminder that “it’s bad out here” for black men. However, he said he knew that not all people are racist. “I don’t blame the world. I blame their parents.”

Chancellor also shared messages from fans who pointed out that it’s not illegal to look through glass, particularly since he wasn’t being rude or obnoxious. The Seahawk wants to buy a gym so he can have a more permanent home for his popular fitness boot camps, which he is touring around Washington this off-season.

Chancellor’s experience at the gym was reminiscent of an incident last fall involving NBA player John Henson. When Henson tried to visit a jewelry store in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, employees refused to let him in and called the police.

“This was one of the the most degrading and racially prejudice [sic] things I’ve ever experienced in life and wouldn’t wish this on anyone,” Henson wrote on Instagram at the time.