McCain: ‘It’s Tragic’ There’s No U.S. Military Option In Ukraine



Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on Friday lamented the lack of a military option for the United States in Ukraine against Russia and criticized President Obama for thinking the Cold War is over.

During a segment on MSNBC, McCain said that the Obama administration does’t understand Russian President Vladimir Putin. “They have been near delusional in thinking that the Cold War was over,” McCain said referring to Obama officials. “Maybe the president thinks the Cold War is over but Vladimir Putin doesn’t and that’s what this is all about.”

Later in the interview, when host Andrea Mitchell asked if there is a military option for the U.S. in Ukraine, the Arizona Republican sounded despondent. “I’d love to tell you that there is Andrea, but frankly I do not see it,” he said, adding, “I wish that there were. … I do not see a military option and it’s tragic.” Watch the clip:

McCain has been leading the partisan attack on Obama in recent days, claiming that the Russian incursion into Ukraine is the result of Obama’s supposed “feckless” foreign policy. Yet back in 2008, when Russia invaded neighboring Georgia, McCain criticized any “partisan sniping” on the issue. “There’s no time for that,” he said at the time. “The time now is for America to — the United States of America to act united on behalf of the people of the country of Georgia, and not do a lot of partisan sniping.”